About Us

"I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy."
- Rabindranath Tagore

We were yet another group of budding engineers, who refused to think beyond weekend plans, birthday parties and at times, exams. With happy college lives, pampering parents and amazing friends, life seemed pretty "cool" and too easy. Everything was going well until fate threw at us a life-changing incident. God, for reasons best known to him, took away one of our beloved friends - Udhaya Shankar. He was just like any other college guy and was the only son to his parents. While we were dragging ourselves out of that grief and shock, we decided to commemorate Udhaya's first death anniversary by helping some kids in his village. That's when it all started..

Our perception of life slowly started to change when we met the kids at "Sharanalayam" in Pollachi. When we are in despair, we have friends to fall back upon, and more importantly our parents to pat our backs and reassure us that we have it in us to succeed and make it big. On the contrary, these kids have been orphaned even before they realise what life is.

When we came back after meeting the kids during our first event, the thoughts about differences in the quality of lives we live and that of the kids get started bothering us and got us thinking. The most striking thing was that they always depended on someone else to push their lives. We realised that they will need this financial and moral spoon-feeding till they graduate and make a life for themselves. We were ready to give up some of our luxuries to try and make a difference in their lives.

After a lot of brain-storming and introspecting, we decided to take the initiative and do our bit to improve the lives of these kids who definitely deserve much better. We started spreading the word by mouth to our friends. Everyone we spoke to were very excited about contributing in whatever way they could. And that's when we realized, it's not the unwillingness, but the lack of opportunity that is holding a lot of people from serving their hearts out. And that's the opportunity we aim to provide...

All that we dream of, is to slowly snowball this social interest into a large community of serving minds and collectively help a larger community of deserving children and bring about a change in the society. We, at Pradnya, have learnt that our smallest effort can make a huge difference - to the kids, ourselves, and the society.

At this point, Pradnya focuses on providing equal opportunities to kids in various orphanages. Periodically, events are conducted in chosen orphanages. The team visits the ashram about a month before the event and takes stock of the necessities and arrangements are made to install the necessary infrastructure. On the day of the programme, the volunteers spend a whole day with the kids, playing games and conducting various competitions. Students are also explained the importance of eco-friendly lifestyle and saplings are planted in the nearby area. Also, an initiative has been taken to maintain a library in these orphanages and encourage the kids to cultivate the reading habit.

We, started slowly and have been joined by many more helping minds along the way. We strive hard to continue the good work and do our part to bring about a smile in their tender faces.!