• Pradeep Kumar

    During my college days, I used to see the same heads turning up all the time for all the NSS Camps and all kinds of volunteer programs(VP). In the final year, suddenly some new heads had attended a VP. I was very happy until I came to know that the actual reason behind this was for bunking a periodical test in college.
    Not many people showed any real interest towards social activities during their college days, but joined in the activities later. It made me realize that everyone has this quality in them, but lacked a proper opportunity to bring it out.
    That spark have made me start a group to serve the society by uniting all the serving minds. As a result, 'Pradnya' was born to give an opportunity to everyone to help the society. Now, the journey is still 'Going' and serving the society is still 'Growing'...

  • Karthik Lakshmanan

    I must admit that I never imagined myself growing up to serve a society or be involved too much in charity works. For most part of my life, I have been a normal guy happy to lead my life without worrying much about anything else apart from me and my small world. It was only recently that an unfortunate event changed my outlook to life, and when my friend suggested the idea of Pradnya, I realized that all I needed was a platform and an opportunity. And here I am...

  • Sindhu

    Some incidents that you come across over time make you wonder, how kind LIFE has been to you. What about the rest who haven’t been that fortunate? That’s when I decided that I should do anything, be it big or small, to bring a change to the lives of others. Pradnya – a great place for a bunch of like-minded people united for a cause. To know that you’ve helped make someone’s life better – there is no other feeling greater than this! :)

  • Vidhyasagar Venkatesan

    Life is like a tree and it's purpose is to spread the shadows of affection, share the fruits of joy, and spread the fragrence of love to the needy.... This is what Pradnya does & I am in...

  • Jaison Sunny

    I see gods grace in orphans smile from my childhood days(no inspiration or spl reason). So I was doing it from long time. Just when I thought of creating my own NGO, I saw that ma college friend pradeep has already done that. So joined Pradnya